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How do I do the same function but instead of using lw to use lbu and instead of and some other commands?

        .globl __start 
__start:            # execution starts here
    la $a0,st_b         
    lw $t0,4($a0)
    and $t0,$t0,0xFF00FF00

    li $v0,10
    syscall         # exit

st_b:   .byte 0xA1,0xA2,0xA3,0xA4,0xB1,0xB2,0xB3,0xB4
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How is this relevant to PHP? –  deceze Oct 21 '11 at 10:22
I misstaged it... –  atenadoume Oct 21 '11 at 10:25
Using lbu there will introduce (or solve) an endianess issue. It depends what you are trying to do: extract data from word (so you introduce the issue) or grab bytes from memory (so you solve the issue). –  Laurent G Oct 22 '11 at 8:55

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How about this:

  la $a0,st_b         

  lbu $t0, 5($a0)  # Load 2nd byte
  sll $t0, $t0, 8  # And shift it left
  lbu $t1, 7($a0)  # Load 4th byte
  sll $t1, $t1, 24 # And shift it left
  or $t0, $t0, $t1 # join both bytes
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