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Where i can get multi threaded FastCGI libraries for Java? And how I should configure nginx, that it supported the processing of multiple concurrent requests.

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Unless you have a very special use-case, you shouldn't need multi-threaded FastCGI libraries. You can use fcgistarter (with the -N flag) and the Apache mod_proxy load balancers to distribute load over multiple FastCGI servers.

Here's an answer I made that explains how to build FastCGI apps with Java/Apache: http://stackoverflow.com/a/15033764/309483

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You don't use FastCGI with java; Java systems usually have their own web server and you just proxy requests to them from the primary (front-end) web server.

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Why not? If all you know is Java and you want to write a CGI app... –  d-_-b Jan 4 '12 at 2:46
Possible question. No answer. –  DenisKolodin Jan 1 '13 at 21:07

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