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I'm using vbscript in test complete. I need to identify some text from an image. I'm able to do it using OCR . OCR is able to identify text fonts which are "bold", but there is one text which has "strikeout " property, which OCR is not able to identify, it is giving some gibberish value. Is this a way to identify text from images which are striked out? The following is the code I've used and is not working:

 Set Rect = Aliases.npApp.wndNP6Class.Picture.GetRect(5,47,234,520)
 Set OCRObj = OCR.CreateObject(Rect)
 Set ocrOpt = OCRObj.CreateOptions
 Set Font = ocrOpt.Fonts.Add
 Set Font = ocrOpt.Fonts.Add
 Font.Styles.Add 2  ' Choosing bold font type
 Font.Styles.Add 4   ' Choosing strike out font type
 ocrOpt.BinarizationThreshold =100   'Low threshold value to capture text from image

 vTempStr1 = OCRObj.GetText(ocrOpt)

Thank you.

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This question has been answered in the official TestComplete Forum on the SmartBear web site: smartbear.com/forums/forum/post/… –  Alex Nov 24 '11 at 6:43

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