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I am new to gdb, so I have some question;

  • how can I look content of stack ? ex : to see content of register, I type info registers. For stack what should be
  • how can I see content of $0x4(%esp)? When I type print /d $0x4(%esp) gdb gives error.

platform: linux gdb

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info frame to show the stack frame info

To read the memory at given addresses you should take a look at x

x/x $esp for hex x/d $esp for signed x/u $esp for unsigned etc. x uses the format syntax, you could also take a look at the current instruction via x/i $eip etc.

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You need to use gdb's memory-display commands. The basic one is x, for examine. There's an example on the linked-to page that uses

gdb> x/4xw $sp

to print "four words (w ) of memory above the stack pointer (here, $sp) in hexadecimal (x)". The quotation is slightly paraphrased.

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