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i want to create an android application in which i have to run ppt which will be present in sdcard. So far i have got to know that the only way to run the ppt is either calling different applications which deal with this or embed that in webview. Thanks in advance

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You cannot embed ppt, doc, excel etc in a Webview in android. Those are MS Office formats. You cannot even do that on a desktop pc with firefox/chrome.

If the ppt is online you can use google docs to convert your document to html and than display it:


If the ppt is on SD card, either:
a) Open it with default phone application. See How to use an intent to open a ppt with DataViz's Documents To Go
b) you need to convert it to html beforehand. There are many online/offline tools for that. Google "ppt to html converter"

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ohhh... ok... well then how can i achieve this i followed the link stackoverflow.com/questions/4468621/android-load-pdf-pdf-viewer –  abhishek Oct 21 '11 at 12:05
@abhishek see edit –  Caner Oct 21 '11 at 12:14

Another possibility (depending if you no need your PPT file into the SDCard) is embed a PPT in a WebView using an iFrame like Office Web Apps or GoogleDocs.

I tested and works, but this options requires to have the PPT file into servers of Office Web Apps or GoogleDocs.

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