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I am using DOMPDF to generate a PDF file from PHP. It works very good.

But now when I click on the link that generates the PDF I want it to take me to the fifth page of the PDF (if there's content on that page). Is there a way to do this?

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According to the source code posted on this page, you can use the function Cpdf.openHere:

* specify where the document should open when it first starts
function  openHere($style, $a =  0, $b =  0, $c =  0) {
    // this function will open the document at a specified page, in a specified style
    // the values for style, and the required paramters are:
    // 'XYZ'  left, top, zoom
    // 'Fit'
    // 'FitH' top
    // 'FitV' left
    // 'FitR' left,bottom,right
    // 'FitB'
    // 'FitBH' top
    // 'FitBV' left
    $this->o_destination($this->numObj, 'new', array('page' => $this->currentPage, 'type' => $style, 'p1' => $a, 'p2' => $b, 'p3' => $c));
    $id =  $this->catalogId;
    $this->o_catalog($id, 'openHere', $this->numObj);
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This will work if you know where page 5 starts. Add some inline script to the page 5 content, something like this: <script type="text/php">$cpdf=$pdf->get_cpdf();$cpdf->openHere('Fit');</script>. –  BrianS Oct 22 '11 at 1:03
Or you could go the easy route and just modify the url ...pdf#page=5 would do it. –  BrianS Oct 22 '11 at 1:04
Then again, neither of these seem to work in the OS X preview app, so YMMV. –  BrianS Oct 22 '11 at 1:04

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