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I just started to work with the pureMVC tutorials with javascript. In the Objs-Platform, there was some nice ObjsComp.jar, which concatenate all javascript files in my a specific folder into one file.

Now I m working with the Mootools-Platform, which doesn't offer such a script. Any suggesntions or other tools?

Thanks K

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Offtopic, but related: outside Eclipse, for a Rails app, you could also deploy Rails asset_packager by defining all JavaScript files in the YML file. That way you can automate it in the deployment and there's no manual labour at all. See – Ain Tohvri Nov 8 '11 at 12:43
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I use apache ant to do this for my mootools projects, you might find these links helpful to get started.

How do I concatenate JavaScript files into one file?

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