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I'm trying to find some code which was added, then removed from a file.

I know the file was checked into TFS for at least a little while, but going through every version of the file will take longer then it needs to.

Is there anyway to search tfs history for a version of the file containing specific text?

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Speaking with the ObjectSharp TFS Guru he suggested (viaTwitter):

You could try TFS Sidekicks or "tfpt searchcs" might do it.

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The twitter link works, but your later Microsoft link is 404'ing. –  slacy Oct 21 '11 at 16:17

You could import the TFS repository into git and then use the "git pickaxe" (git log -S) to search all commit data in the repository.

There are several available tools, but this one looks good: https://github.com/spraints/git-tfs#readme

And then read up on git pickaxe, which is what people call the "-S" option to "git log": https://github.com/spraints/git-tfs#readme

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