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I want to use threads in Perl to increase the speed of my program ... for example i want to use 20 threads in this code:

use IO::Socket;
my $in_file2 = 'rang.txt';
open DAT,$in_file2;
my @ip=<DAT>;
close DAT;
foreach my $ip(@ip)
    $host = IO::Socket::INET->new(
        PeerAddr => $ip,
        PeerPort => 80,
        proto    => 'tcp',
        Timeout=> 1
    and open(OUT, ">>port.txt");
    print OUT $ip."\n";

In the above code we give a list of ips and scan a given port. I want use threads in this code. Is there any other way to increase the speed of my code?


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Instead of using threads, you might want to look into AnyEvent::Socket, or Coro::Socket, or POE, or Parallel::ForkManager.

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Read the Perl threading tutorial.

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