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I need to display message groups and messages inside a DevExpress grid.


  • message groups and messages have the same columns
  • groups have a special column with a '+'/'-' sign which specifies if the group is closed or open
  • when a group is closed its messages do not appear in the grid
  • when a group is opened by clicking the '+' sign its messages need to appear in the same grid underneath the group
  • the grid can have both groups and simple messages

The grid also needs to allow sorting, filtering and paging.

Is there a simple way to achieve this using DevExpress features?

NOTE: I've seen the DevExpress grouping demo, but this is different from my requirements because:

  • in the demo only the grouping value is displayed whereas in my grid I need to see all the columns of the message group
  • all rows are grouped (groups and messages can not exist at the same time)

EDIT: I have eventually abandoned this idea as it seemed to much trouble. What I did instead was add a column with a clickable link for groups; when the user clicks the link a popup appears with the children; it was much easier and more intuitive for the user

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DevExpress has a tree.

Each Group can be a root level node and each message a node within its group, or a message could be another root level node (IE not within a group).

All nodes share the same columns. Each group that has messages will have a '+/-'

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