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I have an AuthType directive in my apache sites-enabled directory which allows all valid-users using Require valid-user. I'm at a point where I need to restrict access by blacklisting/excluding specific users; is there a way to do this without doing Require on the inverse (e.g. Require on a group that contains everyone else except for the specific users to blacklist)?

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AFAIK the only thing you could do is altering your

AuthUserFile /path/to/user/file
Require valid-user

Where valid-user means a user with a validated password For a:

AuthUserFile /path/to/user/file
AuthGroupFile /path/to/group/file
Require group mygroup
Satisfy All

Then you would have to maintain a group file with the authorized users inside. There is nothing to say "any valid-user but not in this group" only "any valid-user which is also in this group" (details here)

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