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I have a strange bug with Grails. I want to get back some persisted datas, so I execute a HQL query for it. I need to retrieve a list from a domain class, which has a manyToOne relation.

The query is pretty basic, look by yourself :

def listActuel = PositionnementProfil.find("FROM PositionnementProfil as pp where pp.positionnement.libelle='actuel'")

But I get this error :

Error 500: Executing action [positionnement] of controller [package.ProfilController] caused exception: Invalid query [FROM PositionnementProfil as pp where pp.entreprise.libelle='Orange'] for domain class [class package.PositionnementProfil]

So in doubt, I've tried with a more basic query, just to get sure, and as I kept on having this kinf of error I decided to try with another class. Still got this marvelous message with this piece of code :

def test = Profil.find("FROM Profil as p where p.firstName like='Jean'")
//NOtice I executed more complex queries on this class with success, here not

Eevn though I'm new in grails I don't think I'm a noob (please God, tell me I did everything right :D ), I followed once again grails doco (, I cleaned my project by executing "grails clean", restarted my computer, and still got this nice problem. I don't know why, but it seems to have troubles only in this part of my code :

class ProfilController {

def scaffold = Profil

    def positionnement = {
        def test = Profil.find("from profil as p where p.firstName like 'Jean'")

    //... I've put this code in other places, but I don't believe in "supernatural" places

I really din't see how to get out of this. Other symptom, Netbeans doesn't seen to recognize GORM autocompletion.

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I think I remember a recent issue with case-sensitivity with find() and findAll() but that won't help you since the fix will be in 2.0. But the easy workaround is to use executeQuery() instead since that's just a direct hook into Hibernate HQL:

def listActuel = PositionnementProfil.executeQuery(
       "FROM PositionnementProfil as pp where pp.positionnement.libelle='actuel'")[0]

The only difference other than the method name is that since executeQuery() returns a List you need to take the 1st element with [0]

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didn't send my thanks comment friday. So thank you for your help :) – JackRackham Oct 24 '11 at 9:53

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