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I test the following code posted at 1

The qml viewer cannot open the new window and its progress is always 0.1 , what is the problem?

import QtQuick 1.0
import QtWebKit 1.0

Grid {
    columns: 3
    id: pages
    height: 300; width: 600

    Component {
        id: webViewPage

            WebView {
                id: webView
                height: 300; width: 600
                newWindowComponent: webViewPage
                newWindowParent: pages
                url: "newwindows.html"

                onLoadStarted: console.log("Started"+url)
                onLoadFinished: console.log("Finished"+url)
                onLoadFailed: console.log("Failed")
                onProgressChanged: console.log(progress)
                onUrlChanged: console.log("Changed"+progress+url)

    Loader { sourceComponent: webViewPage }
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You are most probably behind a proxy, which need to be set manually through the Qt code, for this to work. –  Amit Tomar Jan 17 '13 at 17:39

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Worth trying to actually create a new window using the Window element to see if you have any luck. I'd expect the window to launch whether or not the data is coming through. See here:


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