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What is best when creating a gem:

  1. defining the version as a string in the gemspec, or
  2. referencing SomeGem::VERSION constant, stored in SomeGem/version for the version?

I realise that I can do either but I want to understand what is best practice and why that is.

If there is another way that I'm not familiar with please let me know.


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As you point out, they are both different means to the same end, but best practice (and the default behavior when you run bundle gem) is (2): referencing SomeGem::VERSION. A couple of advantages to this approach:

  • Gem version is always available:

    puts Mygem::VERSION # => 0.0.1

  • If I want to see only the git commits where the version number changed, I can run:

    git log version.rb

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Thanks @alex. Good answer. I'll leave this unanswered for a couple of days to see if anyone else has something to add. –  Despo Oct 21 '11 at 18:54

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