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I want to take in a number of variables from a clients website by giving them the url format. When they submit the values needed into the url and visit my url, a form is automatically populated with these values and submited to my server and database.

I am trying to do this using webforms. Could anyone suggest resources or tips on how to do this because I am stuck and my research is turning up nothing.

I figure I can get the url values using jquery and then write up all the functionality that needs to take place in the c# code.

Can anyone guide me in the right direction with this?

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Try to make it more clear: do you want to create a page that can receive data from querystring, populate data to form fields and autopost it on document load event?

If so:

  • You can get and populate data on the server side with C#.
  • Autopost can be done with some js script ( < body onload="document.{FORM NAME HERE}.submit()" > ).
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how do you populate the data on the server side? I have the url ready to take a query string from url and it stores the values in the textboxes of form. When I submit, how do I make it store to the correct table. Sorry I am a little new with ... – B Woods Oct 21 '11 at 19:08

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