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I am trying to set up library like jQuery simply for learning purposes. I have it working decently well, and I can do method chaining as needed. The problem I am having is being able to call a method with the class' parenthesis:

What I have to do:


What I would like to do:


Here is the current javascript:

(function( window ) {
    var document = window.document;
    var fooTools = (function() {
        var fooTools = function( selector ) {
            return new fooTools.base.init( selector );

        fooTools.base = fooTools.prototype = {
            init: function( selector ) {
                if( !selector ) {
                    return this;
                if( selector ) {
                    this[0] = selector;
                        this.length = 1;
                        return this;

            get: function( id ) {
                return document.getElementById( id );

            //..other methods

        fooTools.base.init.prototype = fooTools.base;
        return fooTools;    
    window.fooTools = window.$foo = fooTools;
}( window ));

Currently it works just fine, but if I do not include the parenthesis I get an error that the .get() method does not exist. I still want to maintain the ability to use parenthesis for other methods, so i just want it be optional. Thanks!

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window.fooTools = window.$foo = fooTools;


window.$foo = new fooTools();
window.fooTools = fooTools;

Live Example


window.fooTools = fooTools;
window.$foo= fooTools;
window.$foo.get = fooTools.prototype.get;

Updated Example

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This takes away my ability to use it with the parenthesis when needed, like $foo('id1').attr({...}) –  grep Oct 21 '11 at 15:32
@Headspin See Kevin's answer; that way you can do both. –  Dave Newton Oct 21 '11 at 15:40
Doesnt this mean I will have to specify every method i want to be able to call w/o parenthesis like this? –  grep Oct 21 '11 at 15:54
@Headspin , yes –  Joe Oct 21 '11 at 16:04
It seems jQuery works a little more elegantly. Do you know how? I am looking at the uncompressed version and cannot wrap my head around it. They are doing something like jQuery.extend = jQuery.fn.extend = function() {} but I have had no luck –  grep Oct 21 '11 at 16:05

Define two different kind of methods, just like we do in jQuery.

If the method needs parenthesis such as $foo('id1').attr({...}) define it using $foo.prototype.method = function, else, define it as a property of $foo $foo.get = function(){...}

Edit: This is actually based on IAbstract's answer.

It would be fooTools.prototype not $foo.prototype since fooTools is the class that $foo is an instance of.

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Then you need to define $foo as something other than a function--right now you're returning fooTools, which is a function, so you need to call it in order to access what it exposes.

(Drat, he beat me to it.)

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