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I am using wicket framework, and I have made a zip file by Java code, I want to have a link to download it, I don't know if it is possible or I should make the zip file by wicket (but not Java) and then have a link to download.

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Take a look at ZipResourceStream. With this class you can generate zip contents of a directory on the fly, and use a with ResourceStreamResource to link to it.

File file = new File(path);
IResourceStream resStream = new ZipResourceStream(file);
ResourceStreamResource resource = new ResourceStreamResource(resStream);
ResourceLink link = new ResourceLink("link", resource);

Alternatively, if you prefer to zip the file with another tool, you can use DownloadLink:

File zipFile = generateZipFile();
IModel fileModel = new Model(zipFile);
add(new DownloadLink("dllink", fileModel);

If you prefer to generate the File on the fly in the Link's onClick, take a look at this question: How to use Wicket's DownloadLink with a file generated on the fly?

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Thank you very much! – Noushin Khaki Oct 24 '11 at 11:42

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