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Is there an easy way to change the theme of the jQuery UI by replacing certain files? It seems like I have to keep downloading the entire jQuery UI every time I want to change the theme.

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You can build your own theme at http://jqueryui.com/themeroller/.
once you build your theme you will have link both in address bar that you can bookmark and in your css file jquery-ui-1.8.6.custom.css that you download:


for each modification you can use these link instead of start from beginning.


by using totalcommander compare tool or winmerge, you just do syncronize existing jquery ui files and the new jquery ui files, if you build new one

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The only thing you need to change is the stylesheet and the images.

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Referring to this answer, you can find ThemeRoller edit link in your css file. This url contains whole theme settings and this is the best way how migrate/upgrade it.

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