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I am using the following code to set background image to a panel. But nothing is getting set as background. Am i doing things correctly? How to set background image for a panel, form or a container?

Panel* pBgPanel = new Panel;
pBgPanel->Construct(*pLayout, Rectangle(10, 10, 320, 320));

Image bgImage;
Osp::Graphics::Bitmap * bgBitmap;
bgBitmap = bgImage.DecodeN(L"/Home/bg.png", BITMAP_PIXEL_FORMAT_ARGB8888);

Canvas* pCanvas = pBgPanel->GetCanvasN();
pCanvas->DrawBitmap(*(new Point(0,0)),*bgBitmap);
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you must make yourown panel ( class MyPanel : public Panel {} ) and then override function virtual void OnDraw (void) and there you can draw the bitmap to canvas

don't forget call the base of OnDraw Panel::OnDraw(); for drawing component which you have on panel;-)

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