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hope someone can help me.

In one of my magento stores i wish display an instruction video only if the logged client bought the product he is seeing at the moment.

Conditions to see the video are:

Client should be logged in

Must have purchased that product in the past or in last month

Thats what i have so far... ( in product view, p.e. )

<?php if(Mage::getSingleton('customer/session')->isLoggedIn()): ?>VIDEO CODE...<?php else: ?>WARNING MESSAGE<?php endif; ?>

What i "think" i need?!

load the items purchased by specific client ID

check if logged client ID bought the current product ID

Thanks in advance and regards

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Another thought would be to create a customer attribute, something along the lines of bought_product_xyz. Default to 0, once they purchase the product, set it to 1 and then run a check against that.

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