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I am looking to automate the creation of a MySQL database via a json api call. To list dbs, I can just use something like:

This is successful via HTTP Sockets and CURL. Is there any equivalent call for adddb?

This doesn't work. I get the following error:

“username_†is an invalid database name. It contains invalid characters.

Any ideas?


I am running this via an HTTP Socket connection in CakePHP with the following code:

$query = 'cpanel_jsonapi_module=MysqlFE&cpanel_jsonapi_func=adddb&dbname=aa1&cpanel_jsonapi_version=2';

$request = array(
            'auth' => array(
                'user' => $queryData['conditions']['username'],
                'pass' => $queryData['conditions']['password'],
                'method' => 'Basic',
            'uri' => array(
                'scheme' => 'https',
                'host' => $queryData['conditions']['host'],
                'port' => '2083',
                'user' => $queryData['conditions']['username'],
                'path' => 'json-api/cpanel',
                'query' => $query,
    $result = json_decode($this->connection->request($request), true);
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You've got dbname in the url twice but I don't know if that matters...

I'm not sure how the url API works, you could try ..._jsonapi_func=adddb(thedbname) but I have no clue if that would work.

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I edited the post to reflect a single dbname request. Thanks for pointing that out. The actual code does not have multiple dbname fields. I have read the API docs prior to this post. But I tried your suggestion and got syntax error at (eval 6) line 1, near ")(". But thanks for the feedback. – Chuck Burgess Oct 21 '11 at 17:09
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Found the solution. In order to create / delete a DB through the cPanel API, it must be processed through API 1. The API access is a little bit different.

You must first get the theme your cPanel account is using (StatsBar:stat (theme):

Then you plug that theme into another request:

Of course, you must have the Authentication in the HTTP Socket (or CURL). Works like a charm!

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