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I have a PHP keyword search script that searches a MySQL database and then displays the results. Currently, the script finds results based on a single keyword attached to a field in a MySQL database.

My question is; how can I attach multiple keywords to one field and return results if one or more of those keywords is matched in the users query?

Can I define the keywords in my database and separate them with commas? e.g. this, would, be, in, the, field



$searchSQL="SELECT * FROM questions WHERE `keywords` LIKE '%{$query}%'  LIMIT 1";


echo implode($results);

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Either use a fulltext index, or split the keyword list into a compound "where like ... or like ... or like ..." statement:

$keywords = explode(' ', $_GET['q']);
$likes = array()
foreach($keywords as $kw) {
   $kw = mysql_real_escape_string($kw);
   $likes[] = "keywords LIKE '%{$kw}%'";

$sql = "SELECT ... WHERE " . implode(' OR ', $likes);

Storing compound data in a single field in a relational database is rarely a good idea, especially if you're going to need to access sub-portions of the whole field. Keywords should be stored in a separate table, one keyword per record. You can then use a link table to relate multiple keywords to each individual record in your parent table.

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@Callum Whyte, this is a full code example. You should really use fulltext search if possible since %% is not indexed. –  webarto Oct 21 '11 at 17:00
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