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How can I get the iOS-Version of the mobile visitors of a webpage with Google Analytics?

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If you look at the "browser" results, and then filter Safari by version, you can infer the version of iOS.


  • Safari 7534.48.3 is iOS 5
  • Safari 6533.18.5 is iOS 4
  • etc

I still haven't found a definitive list mapping Safari versions to iOS versions (esp. wrt minor iOS verions) but I'm sure it's out there somewhere.

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Click on Audience > Devices and Networks then on view full report below the Mobile Device Branding table. Now choose Operating System Version as secondary dimension.

This gives you a list grouped by session, but you can also choose to group it by user (see below), when you add it to your dashboard and edit it there.

iOS Operating System Version

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How I can see detail of Others? – huync Dec 19 '14 at 18:10

I think one way would be to create a custom "user defined" filter for Analytics.

This post should lead you in the right direction.

You can access the iOS version in the user agent, which you can find via javascript, and then maybe create a new "user defined" filter for each os versions ?

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I like this idea, thx. – albuvee Jan 11 '12 at 9:48

If you are interested only in IOS version (and not other mobile OS) you should use the "Grouped By: Operating System Version". This grouping option will give you the version number (6.1,5.3,4.1.3 and more)

If you have other OS users you should use the "Operation System" option to filter the data.

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It is possible to get OS version without specifying anything special at the front end side. Choose the following from Google Analytics portal

Choose App Overview -> Screens (View full report) -> Choose Secondary Dimension as Operating System Version

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  1. In the sidebar, select "Audience -> Mobile -> Devices".
  2. Switch the "Primary Dimension" to "Operating System".
  3. Click through to iOS.

Where to click


What you see

Bonus tip: To get subtotals by major version, like "all iOS 8", use the search function to search for ^8 (a regex meaning "starts with 8"):

Using the search function

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