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I need to be able to access the X Event Loop to add clipboard support for a game API. The problem is the game API does not know which API it will use for display (It could use SDL or other). As a result, I do not have direct access to the X event loop. Is there a function in XLib to get a pointer to my display so that I can process messages and add clipboard support?


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If it runs on X11, there has to be a Display pointer in the graphics object somewhere. You can allocate a new one with XOpenDisplay(NULL); but that's not likely to achieve what you want. You'd still have to find the Windows and other info which is tricky enough when a program does it once.

You really need to dig through the existing code to find the X11 module. There's likely to be a single function that performs on iteration of the "Event Loop" as a subroutine of the real "main Processing Loop". If you can't simply add your new code there, you can at least see how the program already accesses this information.

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If you're using OpenGL for graphics, you can exploit that. At some point in the program where you know, the OpenGL context is made current call glXGetCurrentDisplay. However you should be carefull not to interfere with the programs main event loop.

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