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I know that sp_msforeachtable allows to perform queries on all tables. I have 100 tables and I want to perform the same query on 97 tables. I'm using this query: EXEC sp_MSForEachTable "DELETE FROM ?"
Is it possible to exclude certain tables?

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EXEC sp_MSforeachtable 'IF OBJECT_ID(''?'') NOT IN (
                        DELETE FROM ?'
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+1 - Much more elegant version of my answer :) – JNK Oct 21 '11 at 17:32

sp_MSforeachtable is undocumented procedure, but according by that example: you could provide additional second parameter @whereand to limit list of tables.

The query that this gets appended to is the following.

SELECT   '[' + REPLACE(schema_name(syso.schema_id), N']', N']]') + ']' 
       + '.' 
       + '[' + REPLACE(object_name(, N']', N']]') + ']'
FROM   dbo.sysobjects o
       JOIN sys.all_objects syso
         ON = syso.object_id
       AND o.category & ltrim(str(CONVERT(INT, 0x0002))) = 0 

So example syntax would be

   EXEC sp_MSforeachtable @command1 = N'PRINT ''?'' ', 
                          @whereand = 'AND NOT IN (
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+1 I added more details and an example. – Martin Smith Jan 19 '14 at 0:21

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