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I have a textbox, Ajax Calendar Extender and a lable, I want to update the lable when date changed though serverside code, how can I do that?


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Use the AutoPostBack property of the TextBox and the TextChanged event on the code behind.

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This is the simplest answer, was our solution too. – julealgon Feb 5 '14 at 18:20

One solution would be to surround the Label in an UpdatePanel, set the panel to update conditionally. When you update the label's text. call YourUpdatePanel.Update()

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I simply fix the problem by using text onChange client side event, and wrote the following jQuery/JS code

function doTxtFromDatePostBack() {
  var txtDateFrom = jQuery('input[id*="txtDateFrom"]');
  setTimeout(__doPostBack(txtDateFrom.attr('id'),''), 0);
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