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I am trying to write a query to display to a data control.

I'm having some issues trying to get the query I need.

I want the grid to to display:

product name     dealer 1        dealer 2     dealer 3      dealer 4, etc  <br/>
product a        10              12            18           N/A  <br/>
product b        32              N/A           7            4  <br/>
product c        35              36            21           18  <br/>

Database Tables:

id, name

id, name

product_id, dealer_id, qty

I can't figure out how to get the query to layout like this. I'm currently trying the UNION statement, but still can't get it.

Any thoughts or ideas?


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You need to pivot the results of the query using the PIVOT Operator

select Products.Name,'dealer 1','dealer 2','dealer 3','dealer 4'
( select Products.Name,qty from products inner join products_to_dealers_xref pd on Products.id = pd.product_id inner join dealers d on Products.Id = d.id) as p
(sum(qty) for products.name in (['dealer 1'],['dealer 2'],['dealer 3'],['dealer 4'])) as pvt

P. S.: not tested.

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had to change some things around, but the pivot worked. thanks. –  kylemac Oct 21 '11 at 18:44

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