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I honestly think Facebook intentionally makes things difficult for developers, just to discourage yahoos. But the documentation is so vague and poor ... really, can a multi-billion dollar company hire some people to do documentation?

Unless I'm missing something -- which is indeed possible -- the whole process of getting the number of comments is a bit ridiculous.

For starters

  • getting to it through the $facebook->api ... no longer works

    'query' => "SELECT count, xid FROM comments_info WHERE app_id = '".$fbc['appID']."' AND updated_time>='".$config['startUTme']."' ORDER BY count DESC LIMIT ".$config['maxResults']

  • Had to use GRAPH API instead - sending a GET request


  • But many caveats ... all that are undocumented

-- ORDER BY count ... no longer works ... have to do ordering on my own later

-- updated_time must be in the WHERE clause or else the query fails

I got all that solved ... but not the final hurdle ... This is probably partially because of a lack of understanding on my part, but, then again, that's also because of the documentation

The process of getting an access_token is a problem on the front end...

I have a widget that I want to show the MOST COMMENTED on our site ... to do this, I need an access_token, and to do that, I need to redirect the page I'm going to, to itself, in order to get the $_REQUEST['code'] ...

But I don't want to have the user go to my page, and have it reload itself every time someone goes there.

I suppose I could check for whether it's expired, and if so, only run the whole routine in that case ... but that would still happen fairly frequently, and is still annoying.

What is the option there?

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What's the question here? – Yuliy Oct 21 '11 at 17:42
Um - what are the options for grabbing the number of comments ... so they can be displayed on the site in a widget? ... Is there a better way than what I described? ... And grabbing number of comments for one article is not workable, since there's no way of knowing the article URLs or IDs going into it. Need to grab the whole amount of comments in the comment_info table for my appID. – Adam Wodon Oct 21 '11 at 18:28

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