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Sorry for the bad title, but...

I tried git flow on a project I was creating a few months back and found it was nice, but as I was still hacking together the project to be, all distinction between what's main, develop or feature was a bit useless. So I finished the feature I started and continued hacking on main.

Now, the release is coming and I wanted to start a release branch, which upon closing would the serve of a git flow style workflow. When I "git flow release start v1.0.0"ed, it created a release branch stemming from where I last tried flow, a few hundred commits back. Obviously, this is not what I had in mind...

So, how could I tell git flow to start the release branch from current HEAD (master)?

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You can checkout your release branch, and tell it to git merge main. It should perform a fast-forward with no errors.

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thanks, @rocketscientist! –  Jan Oct 29 '11 at 23:31

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