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In my url, I want

localhost/12345 to be routed to /client/information/12345

However, I also want users to be able to call

/client to go to /client/index

I was not able to do this with

match ':id' => 'client#information'

because then the word 'client' would be set as the value of params[:id]

How can I create a route that will conditionally route to /client/information if the id is number, otherwise go to the /client/index

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When you say you want a to be routed to b, do you mean you want a to redirect to b, or you want it to perform the controller action that would normally be invoked by b? Because you're giving URLs for both examples, which would imply a redirect, but your partial solution implies you want to render that action. – Emily Oct 21 '11 at 19:30
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To add constraints to part of a route, you use the :constraints option. For instance:

match ':id' => 'client#information', :constraints => { :id => /\d+/ }

Check out the segment constraints section of the Rails Routing docs. It'll explain more details.

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