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I am developing with GWT since a few months. I have difficulties with testing. I am using MVP pattern and activities and places. I test the classes without any GWT specific code with Junit. But the client classes with lots of GWT dependencies are difficult to test.

Which stratgy and tools would you recommend?

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Most presenters (from MVP) should be testable without GWT-specific dependencies.

For more complex cases, the approach taken by Apache (ex-Google) Wave seems like the best to me: they created MVP down to very small components such as toolbar buttons. This means a lot of boilerplate as you'll have (at a minimum) a view interface and an implementation class (but that's because of Java), but it's worth it if your scenarios are "complex enough".

Have a look at http://www.google.com/events/io/2010/sessions/gwt-continuous-build-testing.html for some concrete examples.

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