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I'm trying to add a link to a checkbox in formtastic, using haml. It looks like formtastic removes all ruby/haml/html syntax from the text for the label or hint when it parses it.

That is, this doesn't work:

= f.input :terms, label: '=link_to \'Here\', path_to_link', hint: '=link_to \'Other Place\', path_to_other_link', as: :boolean

Is there anything that will other than writing another div outside of this input? Or am I going about this all wrong? I'm a rails/haml/formtastic noob.

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if you use ' for string quotation, you're basically telling ruby not to parse that content.

try something like this instead:

= f.input :terms, label: link_to('Here', path_to_link), hint: link_to('Other place', path_to_other_link), as: :boolean
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Formtastic::FormBuilder.escape_html_entities_in_hints_and_labels = false

In your formtastic initializer

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This is the best answer for using I18n localization files that contain static HTML content. However, it does not resolve @tessr question of embedding HAML in a Formtastic label or hint. – scarver2 Nov 16 '13 at 22:11

If you mark the string passed to label: or hint: as HTML safe then Haml doesn't escape it.

= f.input :terms,
  label: "Please accept our ".html_safe + link_to('Terms and Conditions', path_to_link)
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19 ways tried, with either the hyperlink being encoded or html_safe replacing hyphens in the url ???

This is what worked for me

<%= f.label :cookies do
  "Do you agree to our #{link_to('Cookies Policy', 'http://www.your-­url.co.uk/privacypolicy')}".html_safe
end %>

The specific use of " and ' appears significant.

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