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I am trying to figure out how to configure a ASP.NET MVC2 config file to have absolutely no caching. My current config file has this xml node...

      <add name="ZeroCacheProfile" duration="0" varyByParam="*" location="None" />

That would indicate to me, that no caching is going on with with this application. Am I missing something? Will continue to browse the internet searching for the most succinct answer. Thank you.

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Defining a cache profile in web.config per se doesn't do anything useful other than defining a cache profile. There must be something using this cache profile otherwise it stays a simple definition. So that's half of the job.

The second half is to decorate all your controllers or actions that you would like to disable caching for with the [OutputCache] attribute:

[OutputCache(CacheProfile = "ZeroCacheProfile")]

or if you want to do this for all controllers of your site define a base controller that all your controllers derive from and then decorate this base controller with the aforementioned attribute.

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