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I'm looking for a C# code generator which generate C# automatically to access stored procedures on Oracle Database.

For instance, if I have some packages on schema DEV like:

  • PACKAGE1 with FUNC1, FUN2
  • PACKAGE2 with FUNC3, FUN4

The generator creates code to run from C# the following code:

int a = PACKAGE1.FUNC1(12, 34, "hello");

Any clue?

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MyGeneration is open source, is template driven, and the templates can be written in C#. So would meet your needs, or there might even by a template out their already.

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CodeFluent Entities is model-first tool that can be used to generate SQL Scripts for Oracle:

  • Schema
  • Tables
  • Constraints (primary and foreign keys)
  • Views
  • Procedures (and associated Oracle Packages)
  • Instances (data)

Application classes (C#) may also be generated with relative ease.

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I have something close to what you want... it currently generates stored procedure wrappers for Python. It's an open source package and you can fill in the template with the C# code you desire.

I'd be happy to assist in getting this going. My email address is in my profile if you want to discuss further.

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See also 1 and 2.

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