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I have access to web service Also I have access to

I try use this service:

    $client = new SoapClient(""); 
    $myArgument = '';
    $result1 = $client->myFunction($myArgument);

I recive string(3) "foo" - I think: It's normal for test.

But, when I use real service:

    $client = new SoapClient(""); 
    $strYear = '1981';
    $intAffiliateID = '1111';
    $strAffiliatePass = 'password';
    $result1 = $client->getMakesWS($strYear, $intAffiliateID, $strAffiliatePass);

in answer only: string(0) ""

Where problem? Thank you.

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Are you sure you have the correct affiliate id and password? It seems no matter what random affiliate id and password I try, the result is always what you are getting (the nullstring). This is an indication to me that you are not using the correct credentials.

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now, not sure... send mail to support... – user1007855 Oct 22 '11 at 6:36

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