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I'm experiencing a problem with Amazon RDS. MySQL database size is 5Gb. I'm trying to insert new row into the table and I'm getting Table is full error. This is what SHOW TABLE STATUS gives for this table:

rows = 220801
avg_row_length = 1114
data_length = 246169600
index_length = 29048832
data_free = 3145728

What's going on? And why data_free is so low if my DB size is 5Gb?

ps. Full text of error sounds like The table 'foo' is full {prepstmnt 850033372 INSERT INTO foo (text) VALUES (?) [params=(String) some text]} [code=1114, state=HY000]

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Please post the full output of SHOW TABLE STATUS like 'foo' –  desertwebdesigns Oct 22 '11 at 12:39
data_free is how much slack space is in the database file itself, it's normal for it to be only a few MB. Large data_free values indicate wasted space. –  BCoates Feb 23 '12 at 4:10

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Are you using MySQL 5.1? It can only handle 1024 open write transactions and reports full table when the limit is exceeded: Bug 26590. It's increased to 128K in 5.5.

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