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How do I achieve the "Find My Friends" button look using iOS 5? it is as if the buttons are stamped into the leather.

I like the look of the Find My Friends app, it looks like leather and the buttons look like they are stamped into the leather. So, I was wondering how do I achieve this stamped in effect. I know how to set the background image in iOS 5 on a UINavigationBar, and I can set the tint color of a UIBarButton.

But, how do I get the image on the UINavigationBar to bleed through to the UIBarButton?

Everything I've tried leads to a black button and no bleeding of the background image.

I was thinking that there must be a way to set the transparency of the UIBarButton.

Does anyone know if this possible in iOS 5?

Or, do I need to do this? Create a custom button image that is in the shape of the button image : rounded corners , 3D button effect and a transparent color in the middle. This way the leather will show through where it is transparent in the middle of the button.

Thanks in advance! Brian.

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Get your artist to draw the stamped button for you. The system is not going to offer any help.

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I'm pretty sure you'll need to go with building a custom button image that has a translucent background colour for the leather to show through.

As you've mentioned, you can set the tintColor property on UIBarButtonItem, but this doesn't seem to respect the alpha of the colour you set. The image seems the best way to go.

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