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Is there a way to force MsBuild to output target dependency information in a structured form similar to makedepend? I need this at the solution level for a solution containing C# and C++ projects. I'm not picky about the output format.

I've considered that the C# dependencies can be determined by processing the .csproj files and building a DAG. Likewise I could run an open-source makedepend on the C++ sources and go from there. I'm really trying not to roll my own here -- this seems like something that MsBuild ought to be able to just do, if even for diagnostic purposes.

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I solved this without too much yak shaving. Obviously MsBuild does have the dependency info during the build so my approach is to wrap the build with a custom target that writes the dependency to a .depends file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Project xmlns="">

  <!-- Write project dependencies to a .depends file, one line per dependency -->
  <Target Name="OutputProjectDependencies">
    <Delete Files="$(OutputPath)\$(TargetFileName).depends"/>
    <WriteLinesToFile File="$(OutputPath)\$(TargetFileName).depends" 
    <WriteLinesToFile File="$(OutputPath)\$(TargetFileName).depends" 

    <CscDependencies Include="@(Compile);@(EmbeddedResource)"/>
    <ClDependencies Include="@(ClCompile);@(ClInclude)"/>



This is not quite as robust as I'd like for C++ projects (it lacks included header and link library dependencies) but could probably be further enhanced. I believe this is a very solid approach for C# -- it includes referenced assemblies, embedded resources and content.

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