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I've been trying to expand on the hello_chat application. I wanted to replace the contents of the "body" tag, but can't seem to find a method for doing so. I assumed Dom.transform([Dom.select_body <- content]) would do the trick, but was apparently mistaken. In the end I just created a div with the ID "everything" to wrap the page, but the question is still bugging me.

How would I do a transformation on the "body" tag? Is it possible? Even better, is there any way to use CSS selectors to do transformations on one or many elements at once?

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First simple solution :

Dom.transform([#Body <- content])

Opa adds an id 'Body' to the <body>.

Second solution :

do Dom.transform([{Dom.select_body()} <- content])

Notice the curly brackets around the Dom.select_XXX, and the function call http://doc.opalang.org/api/index.html#dom.opa.html/!/value_stdlib.core.xhtml.Dom.select_body

Third solution :

d = Dom.select_raw("body") // jQuery selector
do Dom.transform([{d} <- content])

You can also use raw CSS selector :) http://doc.opalang.org/api/index.html#dom.opa.html/!/value_stdlib.core.xhtml.Dom.select_raw

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Awesome. Didn't know about the necessity of the curly brackets. Is there a place in the documentation where the curly brackets are more fully explained? Thanks! –  ryepdx Oct 22 '11 at 0:55

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