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How to programatically check whether a keyboard is present in iphone app?
Detect if UIKeyBoard is Showing

Is there a way to programmatically check if the iPhone's keyboard is on screen or not?

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Basically, you want to add an NSNotificationCenter observer:

[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(keyboardDidShow) name:UIKeyboardDidShowNotification object:nil];
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I don't want it to necessarily call a function upon receiving the notification, though, I just want it to check before it adds a subview. It'll affect the frame of the subview. –  Mason Oct 21 '11 at 22:15
Oh wait, never mind. I can just change the value of a boolean. Thanks! –  Mason Oct 21 '11 at 22:17
You can set the selector to nil, but how else do you expect to know when it appears? –  WrightsCS Oct 21 '11 at 22:17

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