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I have one problem with CakePHP and $requestAction. In the 1.3 manual of cakephp there is written

It is important to note that making a requestAction using 'return' from a controller method can cause script and css tags to not work correctly.

Now I got this case. The contents of $html->css() and $html->script() are not displayed in the final view after using a $this->requestAction() in combination with return in the controller.

Does anybody know a workaround for this problem? How to use styles and scripts together with $this->requestAction(<...>, array('return'))?

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requestAction should be avoided, it basically works as if you would refresh the page, thus increasing your load time. You should look for an alternative rather then trying to fix something that slows your application down. –  Kevin Vandenborne Oct 22 '11 at 10:52
You are right, avoiding requestAction is the best way. But I think in this case the app is not affected dramatically. It is a page that is not loaded so often and requestAction would bring a good result with small effort. I already found a workaround with $this->element() and different actions in the controller, but this made the code growing. Anyway, any ideas? –  mixable Oct 22 '11 at 11:16
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