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in this var: var previousmenu = $("#ipadmenu section.current").data('order') + 1;, this expression $("#ipadmenu section.current").data('order') equals 0.

Unfortunately the result of this is 01 and not 1. Why is this?

This for example seems to work: var previousmenu = $("#ipadmenu section.current").data('order') - 1; and gives me -1.

Thank you for your help.

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+ serves two purposes. It adds in the case of numbers and concatenates in the case of strings. You can fix this by casting the string as a number with this:

var previousmenu = Number($("#ipadmenu section.current").data('order')) + 1;
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very elegant solution thank you! –  SnippetSpace Oct 22 '11 at 0:44
@SnippetSpace You're welcome. :) Glad to help. –  Joseph Marikle Oct 22 '11 at 0:45

If one the variables you are 'adding' is a string, javascript decides that what you really wanted to do was concatenate the string and the number together (hence "0" + 1 = "01");

What you need to do is something like..

var order = parseInt($("#ipadmenu section.current").data('order'), 10);
order = order + 1;
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Because it's a string, not an integer, thus doing string concatenation... aaand welcome to the whacky world of JavaScript, because you guessed it, "0" - 1 will return a number.

In any case, use parseInt(...) or + $("blah").data('order') + 1 and you'll be happier, if not confused.

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