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I am going to learn a lower level programming language. Which one should I learn,C or Assembly. I would be making programs off a boot file or something like that.

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C is a much better choice. Most Unix Operatings Systems, Windows, et. all were writting in C.

Linux and Darwin(MacOS) drivers are still written in C. In C you can still write inline assembly statements to execute at an even lower level if need be.

C was the first language I learned though, so I may be a {little} biased.

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I really suggest you start with the C language as the standard is more accessible than Assembly. Assembly language will always be different depending on the processor on which you're working. Sure Assembly is interesting and really show you how everything work, but it is really difficult to learn. Start with C (you gonna be able to make little programs way faster with C), if you really feel like going lower, then try Assembly.

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