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Can map contain class objects or class objects?

I think key should be a built-in primary type, its associated data value can a class or class object.

For example,

stl::map<int , myClass> myMap;
myMap.insert(pair<int , myClass>);

Is it possible for key to be a self-defined class ?

stl::map<myClass , int> myMap;

if yes, how to sort the key ?


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What do you mean by 'class objects or class objects'? –  EJP Oct 22 '11 at 5:14

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Yes. map's key can be anything that has default constructor, supports copying and comparison. By default, map compares keys with std::less comparator, which calls operator <. So, if you define operator < for your class, or provide custom comparison class for the map, you can use it with map, set etc.

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