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Can you use the boost::mutex libraries to protect a critical section of code when you are not using boost::thread but instead using the MFC threading capability via AfxBeginThread? If so, are there any problems with doing this?

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Yes, you can. There is no problem since both are using the Win32 API behind the scenes.

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"Boost is using the Win32 API behind the scenes" That was my first reaction, but technically this is not strictly sufficient: you must check that Boost does not keeps a list of threads created via Boost somewhere just to forbid the use of boost::mutex in a thread not created with Boost! (Boost does not do that, indeed.) – curiousguy Oct 22 '11 at 20:22

A (real) thread is a (real) thread.

Boost makes no special assumptions about the fact that a thread has been created directly (Windows API) or via Boost.

Short answer:

No problem.

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