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In a batch file you can have

Goto Stackoverflow

and you can have

(Goto Stackoverflow)

Whats the diffrence between these?

They are being used like this

set /a x=%x% + 1
goto stackoverflow

set /a x=%x% + 1
(goto stackoverflow)
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Parentheses (or brackets) are used in batch files specify a list of commands that should be treated as an entity, like { ... } in other languages. Typically they are used with IF or FOR expressions:

IF EXIST %windir% (
    echo "one line"
    echo "another line"

In your example, there is no difference between Goto Stackoverflow and (Goto Stackoverflow).

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I have being using batch for a long time, but have never really asked if there was any differences with using the () in this example. Thanks –  Gareth Jones Oct 22 '11 at 7:47

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