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I'm in a lithium layout file and I'd like to echo the name of the current controller (to use as a CSS class later). How can I obtain the current controller name?

Thanks, aeno

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I assume you mean you are in a View?

If so, it's pretty simple to get the controller or other parts of the route/request ...


That will get you the Controller but you can get just about anything from your route you'd need. So assuming you have a route like ...


You can use both of the following in your view:



Or you could have a fancier route like ..


This would be for a url like:


Now you can do something like ...


To get the "area" portion of the url, etc. You get the idea.

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you really should use $this->request() instead: lithify.me/docs/lithium/template/view/Renderer::request%28%29 –  greut Nov 12 '11 at 14:57

The following code can be used in any Lithium layout or view to look up the current Controller, convert it to a suitable CSS class name, and set it as the class attribute of a div:

    $controller = $this->request()->controller;
    $controller_css_class = strtolower(\lithium\util\Inflector::slug($controller));

<div class="<?=$controller_css_class; ?>"></div>

The request class is documented here: http://li3.me/docs/lithium/action/Request

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