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Is it valid to put h2 tag in span tag given that the span tag is displayed as block?
would it make difference for search engines (SEO) if i used div instead

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Sample input:

    <span style="display: block">

And results from W3C validator:

Element h2 not allowed as child of element span in this context.

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+1 for link to the validator. –  Burhan Ali Oct 22 '11 at 8:36
thanks, that really helps –  hfsyria Oct 22 '11 at 8:41

No, you can't. Accordind to HTML 4.01/XHTML 1.0 dtd you can include only inline elements in span tag. It's the following one:

a, object, applet, img, map, iframe, br, span, bdo, tt, i, b, u, s, strike, big, small, font, basefont, sub, sup, em, strong, dfn, code, q, samp, kbd, var, cite, abbr, acronym, input, select, textarea, label, button, ins, del, script.

Can't quickly check HTML 5, but don't think it's different here.

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In HTML4, it is not valid to put any block element inside of any inline element.

This changes in HTML5, where it is valid to put block-level elements inside of anchor tags.

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