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I have an issue with appending list.

find_paths(Start, Finish) :- path(Start, Finish, [Start], Path), 
                             append([Path], List, Result), 

Path is a list.

I will get n paths for the fail, but if i put write(Result), it will print this [[...], H234] n times.

How to tell prolog to use back the result from the last iteration and append together with a new path for every fail?

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please add some information about what you got and what you want – ДМИТРИЙ МАЛИКОВ Oct 22 '11 at 13:22
nvm . i think i got it . i use setoff, so it returns all solution as a list. – distress Oct 22 '11 at 13:49

The variable List is free, so unsurprisingly the result of appending a path ([...]) to a variable (H234) is printed. The simplest way to improve your code would be

find_paths(Start, Finish, List) :- 
       findall(Path, path(Start, Finish, [Start], Path), List).

Alternatively, you can change the definition of path/4 to accumulate the results.

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