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I am new to magento and I am customizing some changes to product, catagory and home pages. I have writen the following Code to show all categories on home page

public function getRandomCategory()
    $categoryCollection = Mage::getModel('catalog/category')


    return $categoryCollection;

How would i restrict the data by using a condition in case of * in ->addAttributeToSelect('*'); statement

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Restrict data... that's not very clear but I will try to cover all cases on my answer – Allan MacGregor Oct 25 '11 at 0:19
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A cool thing you can do to debug is to call

echo $categoryCollection->getSelect();

that will return the exact query that magento is generatingm now the addAttributeToSelect('*') what it does is to generate the 'Select * From ...' part of the query let's say that you only need to retrieve the category name

In that case you only need to do ->addAttributeToSelect('name') you_ can add multiple ->addAttributeToSelect('attribute') to retrieve multiple values.

Now if by restrict data you meant to only retrieve the categories WHERE something = tosomething else then you need to use addAttributeToFilter('atttribute', '')value

Check using_collections_in_magento for more information on the

Hope my answer helps

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